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Are you looking for the skin care Tips? Present scenario in context of beauty has been totally changed in every aspect. Our ancestral herbal beauty products like Haldi & Chandan have been replaced by various chemical prone toxic & costly cosmetic products. Beauty aspect is not just limited to females or younger generations now but it has been expanded to all the age groups n males and females both. Everyone today is beauty conscious as beauty or personality has moved one step ahead of personal and social front till corporate level.

But irony is that people are getting just beauty conscious but not at all health conscious. They need to know that a person’s beauty actually means beauty & health of the skin which is the largest organ of our body both in terms of weight & surface area. It is the skin that protects our body from the germs, bacteria & all other things spreading all around us. So, it is a kind of a protective shield (surakshakavach) for us. It also regulates our body temperature so that we can survive at various temperatures in various conditions.

But with increased use of market  available beauty products, skin problems are also increasing at a higher pace.  Due to change in lifestyle & less availability of time, people are getting habitual of these easy & less time consuming beautification procedures & many big  corporate are taking advantage of this and selling many toxic products on the name of herbal extracts. Our hard earned money is getting wasted in these harmful products which only cause damage to the skin. In short term, they give your skin an instant shine but slowly they start showing their dark side or you can say its side effects. Early ageing of skin is a very common example of it. These products not just steal the natural nourishment & smoothness of the skin & make it dull & dry but can lead to various kinds of other skin diseases also.

Some of the skin diseases can be normal & easily curable with little skin care tips but it can be very dangerous & incurable also like skin cancer. Common skin problems we face are acnes, pimples, pigmentation, blemishes etc. Biggest Concern here is that most of the times we take them as normal infection & do home remedies to cure that. But delay in the treatment of these types of cases can lead to incurable or disastrous skin diseases.

  • KAPHA : consists of elements of earth and water, it is associated with oiliness, juiciness and heaviness .Khapha is the first stage of life, just think of baby’s juicy, plump skin and expression (“Baby soft skin”).

  • PITTA : consists of elements of fire and water, it is associated with heat, sharpness and determination. PITTA is second/middle stage of life, just think of a teenager’s acne and hot temper, or a young adults drive and ambition.

  • VATA : consists of the elements of air and space, it is associated with dryness, lightness, alertness and creativity. Vata is the stage of life, where we experience dry rough, sagging skin. we may feel cold more often but also reach maturity, wisdom, grace and mastery. During this time it’s important to focus on practices that are warming, stabilizing, grounding and nourishing.


These external treatments (combination of ancient Ayurveda and recent aesthetics)





are done with ayurvedic extracts like licorice, manjista, lodhra ,lemon, plant collages, bakuchiol etc. These are used in liquids and gel form as well to get the desired result and a healthy skin.


  • Kavala (oil pulling)

  • Abhyanga(oil massage)

  • Swedana(fomentation)

  • PINDA Sweda(rice potalli with milk)

  • Face packs



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